Band Ligation

Product Details

Band ligation is used for the endoscopic ligation of esophageal varices and anorectal hemorrhoids.

  • Compatible with Olympus, Pentax, and Fuji devices
  • 7 bands
  • Audible alert after each band release
  • Second band with a different color on the catheter
  • Non-sterile
  • Includes a flushing catheter
  • Latex-free
  • Wire retrieval mechanism
  • Simple and easy setup

Ordering Information

GTIN Order Number Product Details Trigger Cord
Length cm
Required Working
Channel (mm)
Scope O.D. (mm) Bands / Ligating Unit
8680812340468 CDBL01 Band Ligasyon 135 2.8 9 – 11 7

*This device is supplied non-sterile.

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Band Ligation
Band Ligation
Band Ligation
Band Ligation
Band Ligation

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