This ballooon Catheter is used mainly to dilate bronchi or control bleeding. However it is also possible to use as a with dilatation and tamponade capabilities.

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Product Details

This balloon can be used to open the upper lobar and distal airways. In this locations it was nearly imposible to achieve complete endoluminal resection due to high risk of complications of laser, cautery, argon,cryotheraphy, and mechanical resection. In such lesions, endoluminal resection, dilatation and bleeding control can be achieved all together. Besides, it can also be used for dilatation and bleeding control.

Compatible with 2.8 mm working channel bronchoscope.

  • Sterile
  • Single-use balloon catheter
  • Non latex balloon
  • 2 Lumen (Balloon Inflation, Contrast)

Ordering Information

GTIN Order Number Balloon Diameter
Working Length (cm) Catheter O.D. (Fr) Working Channel (mm)
8680812340185 CDBD01 10 130 5 2.8
8680812340192 CDBD02 15 130 5 2.8
8680812340208 CDBD03 20 130 5 2.8
8680812340215 CDBD04 30 130 5 2.8

* Packaging includes a syringe.