HME Filters are used in mechanically ventilated patients intented to help and prevent complications due to the drying of respiratory mucosa,such as mucus plugging and endotracheal tube occlusion. It is also used to protect against bacteria and viruses for crosss contamination of patient and instrument.

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Product Details

Conical fittings are in accordance with ISO standards to ensure good connection stability

Initial set up is simple, quick and secure

  • Dead Volume: 42 ml
  • Weight: 26.8 g
  • 22M/15F
  • 999 % Bacterial and Viral Efficiency
  • HME filters with humidification efficiency up to 33mgH2O/L
  • CO2 Sampling Port
  • Sterile and Disposable

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GTIN Order Number
8680812340628 CDHME01