The-HSG Catheter is for to provide access to the uterine cavity for the injection and retention of contrast in order to enable the performance of hysterosalpingography for evaluation of Infertility conditions. Rigid structure of world’s first and unique braided balloon stays much better than ordinary balloon and does not slip over from uterine cavity. In that way one hand of the doctors becomes free for the other operational activities.

Product Details
Ordering Information

Product Details

  • Sterile EO
  • Single Use
  • Non-latex braided balloon
  • 2 Lumen (Balloon Inflation, Contrast)

Ordering Information

GTIN Order Number Balloon Diameter (mm)   Catheter O.D(Fr) Catheter Length(cm)
8680812340093   CDHC01 8,5-15 5 30
8680812340086   CDHC02 8,5-15 6 30
8680812340109 CDHC03 8,5-15 7 30

*Packaging includes a syringe.