EUS combines ultrasound technology with endoscopy to gain an internal vantage point to obtain higher resolution ultrasound images. While conventional endoscopy only provides a view of the innermost lining of the digestive tract, or its wall, the addition of ultrasound allows the physician to see beyond that wall to visualize all five layers of the GI tract as well as surrounding tissue and organs.  EUS also provides a minimally invasive means for biopsy.

Product Details
Ordering Information

Product Details

  • Provides benefits over some stainless steel alloys including greater needle hardness and excellent tensile properties to deliver.
  • Single use (SU)
  • Laser etched needle for clear visibility
  • Sterile EO

Ordering Information

GTIN Order Number Needle Size Gauge Adjustable
Needle Extension cm
Working Length (cm) Working Channel (mm)
8680812340727 CDEUN01 21G 0-8 140 2.8
8680812340734 CDEUN02 22G 0-8 140 2.8
8680812340741 CDEUN03 25G 0-8 140 2.8
  • Packaging includes a 20cc syringe and one-way stopcock
  • Needle length: 0cm to 8cm, adjustable