This product is composed of the catheter and the balloon at the end of it, it is used to remove the arterial embolism and thrombin by inflating and withdrawing after entering the vessel.

Product Details
Ordering Information

Product Details

  • Soft, rounded tip promotes easy insertion for reduced trauma
  • Balloon exhibits a symmetry that exerts uniform contact with vessel walls for even pressure and precise traction
  • The addition of barium to the catheter shaft material provides radiopacity
  • There are distance marks on the catheter at intervals of 5 cm.
  • Color codes are available that determine the French size.
  • The balloon inflation volume is indicated on the product.
  • Silicone balloon and catheter body
  • Stainless steel reinforced catheter body
  • Sterile EO
  • Single Use

Ordering Information

GTIN Order Number Catheter Size(Fr) Balloon Diameter (mm) Catheter Length (cm)
8680812340772 CDKBFC01 3 5 80-100
8680812340789 CDKBFC02 4 9 80-100
8680812340796 CDKBFC03 5 11 80-100
8680812340802 CDKBFC04 6 13 80-100
8680812340895 CDKBFC05 7 14 80-100

* Packaging includes a syringe.